Mehdi Koushki was introduced as the first actor in the short film "Lashkhor" directed by Rama Nami.


According to public relations; With the beginning of pre-production of the short film "Lashkhor" written and directed by Rama Nami and produced by Mohsen Saeedi; Mehdi Koushki will be the first actor in this project.


Filming of "Lashkhor" is scheduled to begin in the coming days by Mehrshad Seif in Tehran.


Rama Nami has previously directed the short film "Purple", which is ready to participate in domestic and foreign festivals.


So far, the presence of Seyed Mehdi Narimani (Production Manager), Mahyar Shirvani (Director Advisor), Saleh Saremi (Assistant Director and Programmer), Mehrshad Seif (Director of Photography), Navid Farah Marzi (Makeup Designer) and Sadegh Mofrad (Artistic Director) This project has been finalized.

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